Effects perfection, in every detail

Every effect pedal from Wampler Pedals is built in the U.S.A. – Brian Wampler painstakingly chooses the best possible parts to ensure that your new effect pedal is perfect in every way. We are proud to offer a 5 year fully transferable warranty to each effect pedal we sell, so you know that when you invest in the future of your tone, we stand behind you all the way.

Wampler Pedals has quickly become the “high-end” guitar effect pedal manufacturer of modern times. It’s time to join the world of chasing tone.


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Keith Urban
Brent Mason
Brad Paisley
Adrian Legg
Vince Gill
What Our Customers Say

“The dynamic response and harmonic richness you can achieve with the Dual Fusion is what I find appealing. I also like that the clever routing possibilities help create unique tones with layered gain stages. If you want a little more or less you can really fine tune your sound. You can easily dial in a great balance between warmth and bite.”

Dweezil Zappa
Talking about the Wampler Pedals “Dual Fusion”

“The Eurphoria, for guys who don’t have a Dumble Amp but want to sound like they have one.”

Guthrie Govan
Steven Wilson Band | The Aristocats

“…it’s mindblowingly good. Very nice OD, definitely gets that Paisley tone if that’s what you are after. But I use it for Joe Walsh tones in my Eagles tribute band. It’s a great medium gain overdrive. It’s worth every penny. I’d buy one again in the blink of an eye. Amazing stomp box, best overdrive I’ve ever heard or used. It really is something else.”

Austin Steele
Customer Review Talking About The Paisley Signature Pedal

“…Got mine in-store at Sweetwater on Friday. Played with it for a couple of hours this morning. Zero complaints, it’s everything you’d expect from this type of pedal and more. I like the bass and bright boost switches for some added flexibility….”

Doug Floyd
Customer Review Talking about the New Plexi Drive Deluxe Pedal

“I couldn’t get a bad sound out of the pedal and every knob is usable and responsive. The gain knob is fantastic, keep it low and you have a nice thick overdrive, crank it and you get the chugga chug sound. The mids knob is awesome on it too, scoop it out and you’re in instant Metallica land. Turn it up and you get a more British flavored tone. The bass knob works all the way around the dial too and with it fully cranked it doesn’t get out of control; it’s still usable if you need that much bass.”

Matt Leeper
Customer Review of the Triple Wreck Pedal

“I have tried several compressors over the years, but I always end up kicking them to the curb after a few gigs. I liked the idea of increased sustain, but didn’t want to sacrifice my tone to get it. After watching some videos online, reading up on the specs, and hearing a friend’s, I decided to order a Wampler Ego Compressor and see if it lived up to the hype. It absolutely did.”

Zachery Smith
Customer Review of the Ego Compressor

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