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Wampler Pedals has been around since about 2006, officially, but Brian Wampler has been in love with making music since he was just a kid watching his older brother's band practice "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" over and over, wishing he'd get a Flying V for Christmas so he could rock too. He inherited that love of music, with grandparents who were recording artists that made the radio back when TV was still just a good idea. Now, as an adult, Brian doesn't have to window-shop with puppy-dog eyes while somebody else makes music: he's the man behind Wampler Pedals, the owner of a company that makes some of the best pedals in the world today.

But why pick making pedals as a career choice? Anyone who has seen him play knows that he might have taken his Telecaster (tastes change over the years!) to Nashville, and if he caught that fabled lucky break who knows where he'd be right now? Or maybe he'd be a session ace and hired gun like some of his best friends, tearing it up some nights, bringing a favorite amp from studio to studio to lay down some guitar on others. With his electronics knowledge, gained over years of careful research and experimentation, maybe he'd be a tech to the stars, seeing the world from the stage. The fact is, all of the above possibilities have actually been open to him at one point or another in his career! He's paid his dues on Broadway in Nashville and could have gone farther with that, the opportunity was there; he had standing offers to tech for some guitar heroes that would have taken him all over. Brian could have taken very different paths in the music business – so why go into the uncertain world of making high-end pedals?

The simple truth is that you don't always pick what you do. Sometimes, there's just a calling, something indefinable but necessary, a feeling that tells you that you've gotta do something specific and unique that will leave a positive mark on those whose paths you cross and make the world a little better than you found it by the time you leave it. Brian's one of the lucky ones, to understand his calling so clearly. His calling is designing pedals for musicians that will make them overjoyed to play, and his dedication to the craft and his unique ear for tone has put amazing sounds in the hands and under the feet of countless musicians everywhere, from world-tours to steady gigs, from studios to the musicians' pit at Broadway plays. He knows he's lucky, but he also knows that it takes a lot of work, and a lot of faith on the part of every single Wampler Pedals customer to make it happen.

Brian started by modding pedals and worked his way up. He was heavily involved in the DIY scene, and for a time a series of books he wrote helped bring a lot of great DIY tricks to anybody who had interest and a soldering iron. Eventually, it just became totally clear that his path forward was to move from working on other people's pedals (as fun as that was!) and start making his own. Wampler Pedals represents the culmination of everything he's worked for. From humble beginnings with a few neat designs to now, with a great selection of products and more new arrivals coming all the time, Brian has put together an incredible team to ensure that every pedal that we make is as high quality as if he made it himself.

When Brian designs a pedal, he doesn't let anyone near it. He keeps every aspect of it to himself, and over the years he has put together a test room with a huge variety of guitars, amplifiers, and cabinets. Before a Wampler Pedals product is released into the wild, it has to make it through the incredible task of sounding good with everything he can put it through. And then, it has to sound good live. Brian knows that there's no such thing as a pedal's sound, just by itself. It's all about the surroundings, from electronics to the room (or stadium!) you're in.

Finally, when a pedal is ready for outside ears to hear, Brian gives them the most important thing he has: his very name. Wampler Pedals products are backed by Brian Wampler's passionate commitment to quality and service beyond mere expectations, which means treating you like family, and ensuring that everyone who works for Wampler Pedals shares that commitment. It means you can count on us, because Brian knows that in the end, we're counting on you. Buying Wampler is expressing faith and trust in everything Brian and all of us are about. We're proud to be making these pedals right here in America, from the best parts available, with quality standards that are at the top of the industry. From Brian and from all of us here at Wampler Pedals: thank you, Wampler Pedals customers, for trusting Brian to design the top-notch sounds that he comes up with, and for believing in us to stay true to our commitment to bring you only the best. You're why we do what we do, and you deserve nothing less!

Brian would appreciate it if you would check out his blog, about his own personal beliefs, here.

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