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The Cranked AC.

The Wampler Cranked AC was a true bypass overdrive pedal was Brian's first crack at the Class A sound of a cranked Vox AC-30. Loosely based on the classic Brain May guitar tone...

We have recently updated (well, to be honest, completely reimagined) this pedal and released the Ace Thirty and we think it is the closest you can get to having that wonderful tone through your rig!

Crush The Button.

A high gain distortion pedal that was tweaked to sound like a famous citrus themed British amp... Tight, responsive and juicy it was very popular for all kinds of players that were after a slightly different tone. With only 100 made and with them now all gone, it's the kind of pedal that will one day become a collectors piece...

The Clean Buffer.

"What's a buffer...? What does a buffer do...?"

A buffer is a basic preamp circuit that doesn’t add any gain to the signal, but instead coverts it from high to low impedance and gives it the strength necessary to make the rest of the journey through long cable runs and complex circuitry without loss of tone or level. A properly designed buffer won't change the tone of your signal. ...

The Talent Booster.

Sometimes you just need that “11” on your guitar or amp... something to to beat your amp into submission and show it who's boss...

Meet the Talent Booster. That's its job, to give you “extra”. Step on the button and instant talent... Well, that's not entirely true but stepping on the button will catapult your signal making your amp much more responsive. We've designed this pedal to be very touch sensitive and warm, yet it has a switch to add in some mids and presence if you need extra “girth”. It's a very transparent JFET based booster, and has a “gain” control (which allows you to have a hint of dirt), a volume control, and a presence switch which will add in some mids and highs.

The Superplex.

The Super Plextortion is an overdrive or distortion pedal that was originally designed to emulate a JCM800 (Back in Black era AC/DC tones through Van Halen, Dokken, Ratt, and all those amazing 80's rock "cranked Marshall" tones). The SuperPlex nailed those tones AND got you even more modern tones... looking for Vai in a box? This was the pedal that came as close as I've ever heard in any other pedal...

The Cranked AC.

The Wampler Cranked AC was a true bypass overdrive pedal designed to sound like the unmistakable Class A sound of a cranked Vox AC-30. We based this pedal on the classic Brain May guitar tone...

The Johnny Hilland Bad Dog.

Johnny Hiland is one of those great guitar players who sound good playing anything. Though he is known to be an amazing country chicken picker, he has done G3 tours with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson - he's highly respected as just a great guitar player. Johnny is also nearly totally blind - and as such has developed an amazing ear for great tone.

When I talked to Johnny about helping me design a pedal, I was ecstatic about it - here is a guy that has what many consider amazing guitar tone no matter the type of music and I was able to get to design a pedal with him that 100% nails his exact idea of great guitar tone.

The Underdog Overdrive.

“...A close friend of mine has breast cancer and has no insurance, no family, and the government will not pay any medical costs for her to get the treatment she needs. Now, I'm not rich by any means... but I HAD to do something... SOMETHING to help her.

My wife and I came up with the idea of creating a pink pedal that simply kicks ass.. and donate ALL the profits to her. Her name is Ivy by the way. So that's what we did - we are giving her all the profits in order to get her the treatment she needs...”

The Blue Fuzz.

Mmm... warmy germanium fuzz pedals... there's nothing like them! Or is there?

Imagine if someone came up with a way to eliminate the need for those finicky germanium transistors that are responsible for the fuzz tones we love most... if there was only some way that a person could build a fuzz that didn't sound different every day depending on the temperature, humidity, etc... but STILL have that same awe-inspiring tone...

A completely different fuzz circuit than you've ever heard... based around a special opamp inside that has been designed to OUTPERFORM any germanium fuzz... not a clone of ANYTHING!

The controls are as follows: volume, tone, and two separate gain controls. Simple! Completely true bypass, of course, and includes a 9v "boss style" power jack