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Ace Thirty

We are proud to announce that on November 29th 2013 we are releasing the long awaited “Ace Thirty”.

Many people have owned and loved the “Cranked AC”, Brian's original take on the famous Vox tone. However, being a complete perfectionist Brian thought it wasn't good enough, not right... So we discontinued it! Now, after 3 years of tweaking Brian is ready to present to you his tribute to one of, if not his actual favorite amp... The humble AC30.

You can visit the Ace Thirty page here, we will be adding video and audio demo's shortly!
Ace Thirty

Pink Ego Compressor

This years charity campaign will feature pink Ego Compressors to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Following on from the success of the Underdog sale and the pink Paisley Drives, we have produced 45 pink Ego Compressors for sale, at the regular price, will all profit's going to Breast Cancer Awareness charities.

You can check out the charity page here.
Brian introduces the 2013 Cancer appeal...

Velvet Fuzz

We are beyond excited to have released the Velvet Fuzz in Summer 2013.

The intention of this pedal is to give you the perfect fuzz tone AND at the flick of a switch, the tone of fuzz but the feel of distortion, we think it sounds like a great fuzz being ripped into a really cooking amp, the leads are smooth and brutal, the power is just awesome!

You can listen to audio clips or see video demos on the Velvet Fuzz page here.
Velvet Fuzz

Dual Fusion shoot: 100w Port City Pearl

Released on March 25th 2013, the new Wampler Pedals signature series Tom Quayle "Dual Fusion" is here.

With modern Fusion being one of the fast growing genre's of music, and Tom being at the forefront of that (you just wouldn't believe some of the people who have bought his lessons) it felt natural for us to push into this territory with Tom.

Complete with new switching system and two completely independent overdrives (that stack together perfectly) this is going to be the cornerstone of a genre.

Click on the first picture above to see a photoset from the filming of Tom's demo of the Dual Fusion.
New pedal?

New Faux Tape Echo

We are proud to annouce that Wampler Pedals have released an updated version of the acclaimed Faux Tape Echo.

Now featuring an extra 200m/s of delay time (totaly around 800m/s), improved Tape Emulation circuitary and a tap tempo feature, we think it's about the perfect gigging dealay pedal. It may not have all the fancy effects and variations that other pedals have, but we can tell you that in not including those, you base tone and echo trail will be one of, if not the best you've ever heard.

To celebrate the new pedal, we designed a special Christmas graphic and sold them at auction... We raised $1000 to go to the families of the Sandy Hook tradegy.

The Wampler Peadls Faux Tape Echo is available in store and online now - $ 219.97

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