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Amp In A Bos Header

Most people can point at an amp and declare that they would love to have that amp, that sound.
The trouble is that most of those amps are usually either not made anymore or really expensive. We give you that sound, from you rig, at a fraction of the price.

The Pinnacle, Brown Sound.

It seems like everyone makes a pedal that gives you the "brown sound".

Zeke Clarke, ex-EVH Tech claims that the Wampler Pedals Pinnacle is the best there is.

So, we won't harp on about how great it is, we'll just let the man who knows better than anyone else tell you.

See and listen to the Pinnacle here.

The SLOstortion, American High Gain Distortion.

Somewhere between the classic distortion tone and the ultra-modern high gain sound, there was an American amplifier that redefined gain.

Imagine having that fat, warm tone available through your own rig...

No matter what your rig is, the SLOstortion is the only pedal that can take you there and boost you through to the other side.

See and listen to the SLOstortion here.

The Plextortion, Distortion.

Do you remember when rock music was more than music, it was image... It was attitude... It was power. That power came from a wall of amps behind you, a wall of tone, crunch and sustain.

From the classic era of Rock, Wampler Pedals allows you to have that sound, that attitude, without the break breaking amounts of speaker cabs.

See and listen to the Plextortion here.

The Triple Wreck, American Rectified Distortion.

What typifies the modern high gain sound... Tight lows, massive mids and the kind of tops that will make your hair stand on end..?

If you are a fan of this kind of gain then the search for you perfect pedal is over.

Able to reproduce that sound on virtually any rig, there is nothing quite like the first time you play the Triple Wreck... It's plain scary.

See and listen to the Triple Wreck here.
Triple Wreck