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Greg Foresman

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United States
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Chautauqua is the 5th studio recording from Greg Foresman.  The music in this collection continues Greg’s penchant for drawing on different musical styles to deliver one unique sound.  Rock, Blues, Folk and — maybe for the first time — a little bit of a Country influence is heard.Commenting on his latest project, Greg said, “all in all though, I think this is my most focused sounding record.”

Greg was born in 1960 in Louisville, Kentucky, and by his early teens was consumed with playing the guitar and finding like-minded people to jam and form groups with.  Playing at back yard parties and school dances by the time he was 14 and moving into nightclubs at 16, Greg started his “life on the road” at 18 years old – fresh out of Central High School.

For the next 10 years, Greg’s musical career was relegated to playing mostly cover music in clubs throughout the Southwestern and Midwestern states; although with the help of his trusty Porta-Studio, he was always writing songs and working on ways of getting the songs down on tape properly.  This period was highlighted by “The Hammerheads,” a hard-rocking, Southern funk group that tore up the I-65 circuit from 1988 to 1992.  The Hammerheads released a self-titled “Live” CD in 1992.

After the break-up of The Hammerheads, Greg soon became an in-demand touring guitarist in Nashville, Tennessee (where he moved in 1988).  He also began The Greg Foresman Band in 1993.  This ”grand experiment” as it’s now considered, pushed Greg to the center stage spotlight, a place on the stage where — to say he wasn’t extremely comfortable — would be an understatement.


However, he persevered and has released five studio albums and a very popular “Live” collection available for free on his website.  He and his band have also carved out a respectable and loyal following in their corner of the world by playing live shows as often as their schedules allow.

Greg joined Martina McBride’s touring band in 1997 and has been around the country and overseas with Martina & company many times over.  “I definitely owe Martina a debt of gratitude,” he said.  “She’s kept me on for all these years and it’s allowed me to do MY thing as well.”

Greg has also become an in demand Nashville session guitarist over the years.  All of this keeps him… well, … busy.