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Brian Nutter

Keith Urban Band
United States
Role: Session guitarist
Full Bio:

Brian Nutter spends most of his days on a tour bus or in a hotel room, but the multitalented singer/guitarist is based in Nashville, TN. Coming from a musical family in a small town in West Virginia, Brian's career choice was laid out for him from birth. As we all know, guitars and engines go together like peanut butter and jelly. Growing up, Brian's passion for music was only equaled by his love for motorcycles. When Brian is not on the road or working in the studio, he can be found enjoying and caring for his small vintage motorcycle collection. Currently on the road providing guitars/banjo/mandolin and vocals for Keith Urban’s touring band, Brian has played with such artists as Taylor Swift, Lonestar, Hot Apple Pie, and many others.

  • Faux Tape Echo v2
  • Ego Compressor
  • Plexi-Drive