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Ryan Swing

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Ryan Steven Swing
United States
Role: Guitarist
Full Bio:

Ryan Swing was born on Chicago’s South Side and started playing guitar at the age of fourteen. Born with a deep passion for a broad variety of musical styles, Swing studied with Grammy award winner and jazz giant Frank J. Rumoro at the Chicago Acadamy of Jazz Guitar. Since that time he has made a name for himself as a teacher, performer, session guitarist, and true stylistic chameleon. With hundreds of live performances under his belt, he has been actively touring the East Coast with several nationally recognized artists since 2014. Ryan is currently lead guitarist for "The Voice" country star Audra McLaughlin.

As a session guitarist, Swing’s skill and endless pursuit of unique sound, tone, and technique have established him as a fixture in the Philadelphia recording scene. As a solo experimental guitarist his work pushes the sonic envelope of modern-day technology in pursuit of new and original musical ideas. A dedicated collaborator, Swing bring his personality and passion for experimentation to each project, while always working to serve the vision of each employing artist.

  • Ego Compressor
  • Tom Quayle – Dual Fusion
  • Latitude Deluxe – Tremolo