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Chad Laniewski

Guitarist / TV& Film Composer
United States
Role: Musician / Composer
Full Bio:

Chad Laniewski is a guitarist, TV and Film composer and producer. Chad has been a musician since the age of eight and has played with various bands throughout the years. With his passion for instrumental music Chad decided it was time to focus on his instrumental guitar music. In 2011 - 2012 Chad joined Grammy award winning guitarist / composer Steve Vai's label Digital Nations - Favored Nations Entertainment. After the freshman release of the album "ELEVATED" Digital Nations Entertainment was shut down. A year later in 2013 with the sophomore release of the EP "CATTLE HERD SHUFFLE" released through Media Music Composers, a company that Chad implemented. It was an experimental album with new sounds and musical ideas. During the making of "CATTLE HERD SHUFFLE" music for TV and Film had become of an interest. Shortly after the album, composing music for TV, Film and media had become a passion. Instrumental guitar music is still a passion alongside of his musical compositions for TV and Film. Chad works as an independent composer for TV, Film, Advertising, and all media. He is also a contract composer for Erik Turner and Jerry Dixon from the band "WARRANT" and their company Down Boys Music / Records. Chad's music has been placed with  TV shows on Animal Planet, A & E, Discovery Channel, Independent films, podcasts and more.

  • Tom Quayle – Dual Fusion
  • Brad Paisley – Paisley Drive
  • Velvet Fuzz
  • Sovereign Distortion