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Once a month, we give a pedal away to one lucky subscriber of our newsletter. If you are not a member you are missing out on the opportunity to get a free Wampler pedal! If you would like to join the newsletter, you can join above...

The rules are simple, you don't have to do anything other than answer a random question... Something like, think of a number between 1 and 2000.

Please note: The above given question was an example, it is extremely likely that the number range will be different.

Whoever emails the correct answer first to the competition mailbox first wins! It's as simple as that. If you would like to read the full list of competition rules (most importantly how to enter correctly as answers submitted in an incorrect format are void), click here.

The Leviathan Fuzz
And the winner of the Leviathan Fuzz is... Donald Quaglia from California!!

Donald began playing at the tender age of 13 and just loves Fenders and Mesa Boogies - He loves getting together with his friends to play the blues or some C&W!

Check out the Leviathan here.
Donald Quaglia

Tom Quayle Dual Fusion
And the winner of the Dual Fusion is... James O'Driscoll from England!!

James is a big Wampler fan, owning many of our pedals. He is a session musician, artist manager and A&R guy who also runs a record company called “Gods In The Records”. Of all the Wampler's he has he thinks the Black '65 is the best, using it on virtually everything he does. Congratulations James!!

Check out the Dual Fusion here.
James O'Driscoll

Faux Tape Echo - Tap Tempo
And the winner of the Faux Tape Echo (tap tempo) is... Kristijan Mandek from Croatia!!

Kristijan started playing guitar at an early age, probably about 8-9 years old. He has very recently (a few days ago) started playing in a new band. He hopes that they will go in the direction of some Psychedelic/Space Rock. He own's several guitars, but his current setup is Levinson Blade Strat into Hughes & Kettner Statesman. His pedal collection includes Vfe Alpha Dog, Mad Professor Stone Grey, Way Huge Green Rhino MKII, Dunlop JHM3 Univibe, Black Arts LSTR and from TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Hall of Fame Reverb. This will be his first Wampler!!! Congratulations Kristijan!!

Check out the Faux Tape Echo here.
Kristijan Mandek

The Decibel+ - Serial number #0001...
And the winner of the very first Decibel+ to be produced was... Phill Delle Coste from Australia!!

Upon recieving the Decibel+ Phill said... “Plugged it straight in and it has that Lifting a Blanket of the Amp type Vibe to it, Notes are more Articulate even at fully counterclockwise position with my Tele = Unity Volume...”

Phill picked up the Guitar when he was 17 and growing up on a farm listening to Country Music and having the same birthday as Elvis Presley, that was the music he listened too and learned. He started playing Acoustic and Electric Guitar, singing in Pubs, Clubs and Taverns throughout the 80’s in a Duo with his Brother sharing Vocals and playing the Bass. Through the 90’s and beyond it has been more of a laidback hobby with his wife at Party’s and Church functions... This year it was Full Circle, playing a couple of shows with his Brother again. He's other hobby is Guitar Pedals, he has a selection of Wampler Pedals in his collection and loves them all...

Check out the Decibel+ here.
Phill Delle Coste

The Hot Wiredv2, signed by Brent Mason...
The first person to recieved the Hot Wired v2, which also happened to be signed by Brent is... Pat Hughes.

Pat was stunned to be the first person to receive the Hot Wired v2, espeically as it was the one played by Brent in the demo's and was signed by him!

Pat was "...floored by the variety of tones I was able to dial up...". Pat has been playing since 1971 and says that the Hot Wired v2 is by "far and away the most versatile pedal I've ever ever seen--the old Twin was working hard to keep up"... Pat has been with us for a while, having a Crate V33-212 complete with some old indyguitarist mods.

Check out the Wampler Pedals Hot Wired v2 here.
Signing....  Pat Hughes

Brent's personal signed Hot Wired v1...
The very, very happy winner of Brent Mason's personal v1 Hot Wired... Dave Hansen.

Dave has played music most of his life, starting with trombone in the 6th grade and ditching that for the guitar at the age of 15. Dave considers guitar his primary instrument, but he’s also a vocalist, percussionist, and bass guitarist. Dave has played in many Wisconsin bands including Impact, Shy Boy, Ugly Stick (voted Green Bay Press Gazette’s “Best of the Bay” band), Sleeve, and most recently in The Chromes. In those bands, he has had the opportunity to open for some national acts including Bad Company, Firehouse, and April Wine.

Dave loves gear, and doesn’t mind being called a gear packrat. His main guitars include a 1959 Reissue Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop and a Fender Telecaster American Special. His main amp is a 1983 Marshall JCM 800 (Model 2203) running through a Carvin Legacy 4 x 12 loaded with Vintage 30s. His pedalboard includes the Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe, which he swears is EVH incarnate!

Check out the Wampler Pedals Hot Wired v1 here.
Signing....  Dave Hansen

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