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Some pedals are needed. Some pedals are just essential. The kind of pedals you didn't know you needed until you had one.

The Ego Compressor

Compression. It's the kind of effect that you don't know you want or need, but once you have it... You just can't live without it.

The trouble with compressors is that most of them taint the sound, or to get the level of sustain you want all of your attack and dynamic picking style is taken away.

The Ego Compressor is clear, clean and with the added blend control, gives you all the sustain AND attack you want.

See and listen to the Ego Compressor here.
Ego Compressor

The Nirvana Chorus/Vibrato.

Do you remember great chorus pedals, before they got all flat and sterile?

So do we.

With 3 levels of depth for your chorus, or vibrato, your sound is here waiting for you.

See and listen to the Nirvana here.

Decibel+ Buffer/Boost.

The integrity of your tone matters

If you use mainly true bypass effects and/or long cables, your tone suffers from a loss of clarity and signal strength we call "tone suck".

Allow us to give it back to you with the most natural sounding boost and buffering circuit you will ever hear… It's time you reclaimed your tone!

See and listen to the Decibel+ here.