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The Faux Series Header

Digital effects always sound cold, sterile and impersonal. Not everyond wants a clinical reproduction of their signal.
If you loved the warmth and tone of older, analog effect units, then the faux series brings you that character, the tone with the consistency of digital.

The Faux AnalogEcho.

Digital consistency, analog warmth... Surely, that's what everyone wants..? 600m/s of delay time but doesn't break up... You also want to be able to control the tone of the delay, you want it to have the option of warmth, or dazzling digital clarity...

If you want all of that, then you want the Wampler Pedals Faux AnalogEcho.

See and listen to the Faux AnalogEcho here.
Faux AnalogEcho

The Faux Tape Echo.

So, if you love the Tone of the Faux AnalogEcho, you might think that it's just about perfect. Add the most realistic tape effect wobble and flutter and you have it. Amazing Analog delay tones, with spotless tape echo emulation.

A modulation circuit that reacts to your playing style and pick/finger attack, this is not just a boring chorus circuit thrown over the top to decieve you.

See and listen to the Faux Tape Echo here.
Faux Tazpe Echo

The Faux Spring Reverb.

Mouth watering, lush reverbs that are so wet you'll be checking your amp for sea urchins.

Designed to reproduce those classic reverb sounds from yesteryear but without all the inconsistenacies that come with them.

Reverb is one of the most important parts of your tone, don't over look it.

See and listen to the Faux Spring Reverb here.
Faux Spring Reverb