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Heritage Series Header

The Wampler Heritage Series. Bring back to life the tones that were the foundation of modern guitar tones.
Each of these pedals represents a significant piece of instrument history, these are not just overdrive pedals, quite simply, they are tone.

The Ace Thirty, Vintage Class A Tone.

Famous bell like quality and brilliance of clarity. Amazing response and possibly one of the most famous tones ever heard.

The Ace Thirty is the result of 3 years of hard work. It’s the closest you will get to THAT tone from YOUR rig.

See and listen to the Ace Thirty here.
Ace Thirty

The Plexi-Drive, British Overdrive.

Brian has always loved the sounds of older Marshall amps, when his friend got a JTM-45 he was jealous. As Brian couldn't get one himself, he decided to try to see if he could get that historical tone from a pedal. He succeeded.

You can now get that authentical historical raw from your rig. Just add attitude.

See and listen to the Plexi-Drive here.

Black '65, Vintage Overdrive.

We were asked over and over to make an pedal that could re-create the tones from those famous American amps from the mid 60's. Bright glassy tops, smooth low ends and an overdrive that just makes you feel good inside.

You can use this as an overdrive, or as an end of chain tone shaper... Either way, history will repeat itself.

See and listen to the Black '65 here.
Paisley Drive

Tweed '57, Original Tone.

In order to understand modern tones, you have to know where it came from. One tone set the bench mark and over 50 years later it is still regarded by many as being the warmest, sweetest, most natural sound for an electric guitar.

It has the warmth, it has the gain... It even has the input options to tailor your tone perfectly. If you are talking guitar history, then this is the foundation of everything.

See and listen to the Tweed '57 here.
Tweed '57