How many times have you sat in front of your favorite ambient pedal and felt like you need weeks of training at NASA to use it? Knobs, switches, sliders…It’s often SO hard and frustrating to find a usable tone on those things quickly... Keeping that firmly in mind, when we first considered making an ambient pedal, ease of use was a top priority, right up there with top tier quality tone on par with pedals at twice the price.

SKU Ethereal_-_Reverb_and_Delay

The Doctor will see you now.

SKU The_Doctor_-_Ambient_Delay

Now in it’s second incarnation, the Faux Tape Echo v2 brings you everything you want from a standard delay pedal in the ultimate gig friendly package.

SKU Faux_Tape_Echo

Reverb... it's either too basic or too complicated. Not anymore.

SKU wampler_Reflection

Wampler's legendary Faux Spring Reverb: same great tone, small footprint, high-quality tone!

SKU Faux_Spring_Reverb