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Signature Series Header

The Wampler Signature Series. Working in partnership with the best artists, to bring you the most beautiful and versatile tone available from a pedal.
Each of our signature series pedals is used by the artist, and countless other stand out musicians as the cornerstone of their tone.

The Brad Paisley "Paisley Drive", Overdrive.

When we found out that Brad Paisley, one of the biggest stars in music today, was using our pedals; we thought that it doesn't get much better than that. When he asked Brian to make him his "personal overdrive"... Well... That was just perfect.

After several tweaks and soundchecks, a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Brad decided that “Proto #2” was the one for him... And here it is.

See and listen to the Paisley Drive here.
Paisley Drive

The Brent Mason "Hot Wired", Overdrive/Distortion.

When one of, if not the, world's most recorded guitar players needs overdrive or distortion, what does he do...? Instead of taking tons of amps into the studio (he already takes more than enough for most), he needs a pedal that can cover most of those bases for him.

Wampler Pedals made him eactly what he wanted... It's perfect for the studio, live or at home.

See and listen to the Hot Wired here.
Hot Wired

The Tom Quayle "Dual Fusion", Overdrives.

If you, like Tom, ever dreamed of the most versatile overdrive pedal that not only sounds amazing on each channel, but stacked up also...

With a unique routing system that allows you to separate each channel (to be controlled by a looper) or stackable 1-2 or 2-1, you can find your tone easily.

This is the most versatile pedal available today. It's the pedal that will define a genre.

See and listen to the Dual Fusion here.
Dual Fusion