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So, Alex asked the question on the Wampler Pedals Tone Group page this week about your dream rig. I didn't answer there as I'm not sure I could articulate it that quickly, so I've thought about it, slept on it, drifted off when my wife has been speaking to me about BLAAHHHH and generally thrown it backwards and forwards in my mind and I think I've got it, so - here it is, my dream rig (please note, this expires roughly 5 minutes after I've written it).



I am the master of no genre but thoroughly enjoy attempting to hack my way through rock, metal, blues, country and if I'm being totally honest here, I really really want to be Steve Vai when I grow up (yes, I know, I'm 42 - age is just a number!). So, I need a guitar that can be versatile. I currently am the proud owner of a PRS Brent Mason signature, it's a great guitar and an excellent start to where I want my perfect guitar to be. My guitar needs to be powerful, both in pickups in and construction. I would probably go with something that has a fast, bright yet ballsy attack, it would be a 7 string with a whammy bar (I'd like to go up about a minor 3rd at the minimum so might need to be dug out), so the wood would be swamp ash. I'd need 24 frets, big stainless steel ones, probably with a Gibson scale sitting (smallish hands) on a thru neck (sustain baby!) or maybe a glued in because I am stupidly attracted to Birdseye maple. I don't know, not sure on that yet. I would get either Seth Baccus or Fibenare to build it - purely because I know them and trust them and they both produce guitars of such beauty and quality you'd be hard not to salivate when looking at them. Most of you already know about Fibenare because of Tom Quayle, but may have not heard about Seth. He's from my hometown, has now moved to Portugal and builds his guitars alongside his mentor, Andy Manson. The quality of work coming out their workshop is enough to make the hardest tone chaser weep! The pickups would from the brain of Tim Mills at BKP, the man is a tonal genius and I am certain he could take the concept of my current guitar and improve it radically. H/S/H config (independently tapable like the Brent PRS) with no signal level loss between HB and SC - I'd need it to sound like a Strat, a Les Paul, a Telecaster, a PRS... it'll need to sound awesome in all positions, maybe Brian would have to put an EQ and gain circuit in there some where to make it do this, now there is an idea. Can Brian make a circuit to go in a strat to make it sound like a telecaster and vice versa? Oh yeah, it'll need a JEM monkey grip, just because!

Effects board.

Quite simple, I want a Wampler and TC Electronics board for my rig. In it would be an Ego Compressor, the Plexi Drive Deluxe (I'd want this mod'd so that the pre gain boost can be separately switchable from a looper), a Tumnus for boosting, a Pinnacle and a Velvet Fuzz. Then there would be a Faux Tape Echo and a Flashback for delay, a Faux Spring ReverbHall of Fame, oh yeah, there'd be a PolyTune 2 in the front and a Ditto at the back. I'd also like a slimmed down Sonuus Wahoo pedal (I have some awesome ideas for that thing) in there somewhere as well... I'd like it all to be controlled by the sublime GigRig G2 - quite simply, there is no better looper on the market than that thing. Dan and team knocked it so far out the park with that the competition has been left stranded ever since. With this rig I can now be Vai, Gilmour, Edge, Brent, Brad, Dave and Adrian, Satch and every 70's, 80's and 90's rock player that I was bought up listening too and loving!


This part of the rig is quite easy, loud and clean. Probably the Port City Pearl because it just eats pedals and sounds beautiful. But... I'd also love one of those Friedman BE100 that sound what a Marshall should sound like. I had the pleasure of playing through Dave's a couple of years back and it's stuck with me ever since, best rock sounding amp I've ever heard!


So, that's my dream rig. Most of it is easy, so if you want to donate y'all can send it to me. This is the first time I've thought about "my perfect guitar" so I'm kinda clouded by the concept but the more I think about it the more stupidly excited I get so who knows, maybe one day. So, if you could all buy 500 pedals each and tell Brian that you did after reading this pointless blog piece so he'll buy it for me :D

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