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Are you going pink for the cure? Featured

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It’s October and that means millions of people will be putting on their favorite pink clothing, ribbons, bumper stickers, hats… all of which show support for Breast Cancer Awareness; a topic that is very near and dear to me.

With tons of pink products floating around to support Breast Cancer Awareness …. I thought to myself… let’s do it again, the last two years with the pink Paisley Drives have been awesome, let’s go again! So, this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness – I will be releasing a small, limited batch Ego Compressors with 100% of the profits going towards a Breast Cancer charity called The Rose.

About 1 in 8 women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. Early detection/ awareness is instrumental in helping to stop the spread of Breast Cancer.

So help me raise some Breast Cancer Awareness by going pink. Purchase here: http://www.wamplerpedals.com/charity/

More about the charity: http://www.the-rose.org/

For more information about Breast Cancer and early detection you can visit:



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