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Ace Thirty released tomorrow! Featured

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...it feels like we've been waiting years for this moment! Well, if we are honest, we have! After countless hours on the breadboard, many prototypes and a time span reaching back over 3 years, Brian finally presented to us his interpretation of those wonderful tones from Vox amps... We all played it, and then continued to play it... then we played it a little more... Our conclusion, we love it! We think it's the best VIAB type pedal available, we can't wait for you to hear it!

Brian Wampler; Demo/walkthrough... http://youtu.be/I8fxozVo8BI

Jamie Humphries; Queen based demo... http://youtu.be/FSwATzjUOq4

Brett Kingman; Single coils... http://youtu.be/dw45tH8PdlE

Brett Kingman; Humbuckers... http://youtu.be/Z9vfokzfmUY

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