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Happy 106th Birthday, Leo Fender!

Today I wanted to take the time and wish Mr. Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender a very happy birthday! If Leo were still with us he would have been 106!!!

In 1954, Leo created the greatest guitar of all time – the Stratocaster. (I’m serious – the greatest – guitar – EVER!) Leo also came up with some other okay designs too – such as the Jazz master, Jaguar, P-Bass, Jazz Bass, as well as the Telecaster. (Just to name a few). In addition to Fender guitars, Leo also imparted his legacy on his companies Music Man and G&L. What an awesome impact he made on our industry! So here’s a tip of that hat to you Mr. Fender. Happy Birthday!

NAMM Quest

After 2 meals, a last second gate change causing us to miss a connecting flight in Dallas Texas, and 12 hours travel day later – we have arrived in Anaheim! A little tired – but had a great night’s sleep and the batteries are now recharged and we are ready to set up the booth. But first - a little breakfast - less I turn in to a diva. I'll leave y’all with this....

- Max


Happy New Year!!

Everyone at Wampler Pedals would like to wish all Tone Chasers a very happy, healthy and content 2015...

New Years Eve 2014/5!

Thank you for all your support in 2014, looking forward to next year!

Brad Paisley - Moonshine in the Trunk


It's always cool to get your hands on a new Brad Paisley album... it's even cooler when you discover the gear picture inside has your pedals in it!

Thanks Brad, we are honored and really enjoying the new album!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On almost every social media platform - there are countless videos regarding the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Ice Bucket Challenge. The rules are: accept the challenge of dumping ice cold water on  your head or pay $100 to the ALS foundation.

We thought to ourselves - why not do both? So after Wampler's own Travis was nominated - he in turn nominated both Brian and myself. What a great way to raise awareness for ALS and donate money to a great cause.

So in true Wampler style, we filled up the font scoop of Brian's tractor, loaded it with 3 - 25 lbs bags of ice and freezing water from a garden hose, and had the boss' wife dump it on all of us. Perfect!

Even though we are having fun (and freezing) please don't forget to donate to the ALS foundation. Every dollar counts. Find out more about donating here: http://www.alsa.org/donate/

- Max Jeffrey

10 things you (probably) didn't know about Wampler Pedals...

We were asked by our friends over at Sonic State Amped to provide a list of 10 things they didn't know about Wampler Pedals...

You can check out the answers here!

10 things...

Hope you enjoy it!

Brian Bonds from Florida Georgia Line.

Wanted to give a big shout out to Brian Bonds, guitar player for Florida Georgia Line, for taking a quick break from their Monumental Music Jam Tour (with Brantley Gilbert and Thomas Rhett) to show me the ins and outs of his live rig. Keep an eye out for our Plexi-Drive and Triple Wreck!


Winter NAMM 2014... a preview

Just arrived in Anaheim, California for Winter NAMM 2014! Here's a quick preview of set up yesterday:


Buffers Un-Baffled

Explanations of buffer pedal circuits are, more often times than not, over complicated. In reality, buffer pedals are simple in concept and can help your tone more than you thought possible. Today, I want to take some time and explain what a buffer pedal is, how it can help you, and where to put a buffer pedal in your signal chain.

Most guitar players use several feet of guitar cable. More often time than not, you have an 10+ foot lead going to your pedal board, 1-3+ feet of cable on your pedal board (Depending on the size of it) and an 10+ foot lead going from your pedal board to your amp. Depending on the size of the stage and your own personal setup, you could have even more total cable length than that. What many guitar players don’t realize is, all these long cables are causing your higher end frequencies to be lost in your guitar rig setup.

So how are these higher end frequencies lost through a long cable? At the risk of oversimplifying it, your guitar and cable basically creates a high impedance signal. The longer your guitar cable is, the more capacitance is created which creates a filter that changes the sound. A good buffer circuit will take your high impedance guitar signal and change it to a low-impedance one; allowing your guitar signal to flow easier over a longer distance. The “new” tone that you hear after playing through your buffer pedal is actually your guitar’s original tone.

So where in your chain should you place your buffer pedal? There are several places you can put a buffer pedal at in your signal chain. However, here are a couple good rules of thumb on where to place your buffer. - Between a Wah and a traditional fuzz (Traditional meaning silicon or germanium based Fuzz Pedals – our Velvet Fuzz is neither of these circuits). - Between guitar pedals that may not work well side by side together. If you have to pedals that are next together, but are noisy – place a buffer between them and hear the difference. - Before a long run of your guitar cables. (Usually the beginning of your pedal chain.)

So do you need a buffer? Only you can answer that. So try one out and hear the difference for yourself.

If you would like to hear what difference the Wampler Decibel + Buffer Pedal can make in your signal chain, check out the video below:

-Max Jeffrey