Bravado - 1x12" extension cab

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The perfect 1x12" cab to give your amp the most balanced and responsive voice.

The perfect 1x12" cab to give your amp the most balanced and responsive voice.

Many people think that an extension cab is just a box with a couple of speakers in it, they couldn’t be more wrong! When designing the Bravado amp Brian Wampler knew that a standard speaker cabinet would not work as they are all voiced for amps that have strong defined EQ curves. Because the Bravado relies on much more open and flexible range of frequencies, the cab HAD to be something that would encourage that, something that would bring it all out and make the amp sing.

The Wampler Bravado 1×12 Cabinet is a 1×12” open back extension cabinet. Built with tongue and groove Baltic Birch construction to deliver the bass, mid response, high end clarity and clear distinct tone, Brian found that this construction and choice of materials kept the weight down while retaining the sold construction you would expect from a Wampler product. Although only packing a single 1x12”, the cab has been voiced so it sounds huge and allows the full range of tones to come flooding out.

At its heart lies a Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 16 Ohm speaker. Brian meticulously went through dozens of different speakers from several different manufacturers trying to find The Perfect Speaker that would compliment the organic qualities that the Bravado provides for the pedal-loving player. Every speaker you could imagine was installed, tested, tested again, compared to the others and then tested again. All the time, he kept coming back to the Creamback..

The reason he kept coming back to it was it is the only one that could give the response and clarity he demanded for the Bravado. As the speakers are high head room and do not break up as fast as others, they bring a full low end depth which complements the warm and vocal mid range, expressive upper mids and sweet, refined, clear and distinct highs. There are times when you look at it and think “Is there really only 1 speaker in there?”

The last thing Brian wanted, once we had found the perfect construction material and speaker (and everything else of course), was to finish the cab with regular (boring) and standard (predictable) grill clothe. We found some from an unusual source (you won’t find this on any other cab) that not only looks real cool, is totally unique, extremely hardwearing and durable but doesn’t get in the way of the tone more than absolutely necessary.

As with all Wampler cabinets, over-sized 12-gauge speaker wire is soldered between the speaker and terminal, assuring you capture every ounce of valuable tone. The Bravado 1x12ext is handcrafted with pride in the USA and designed to withstand the rigors of the road, and sounds infinitely bigger than you will expect it too.


Dimension (L x W x H) 28 x 14 x 25 Inch
Weight 37 Pound

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  • Tongue and Grove multiply Baltic Birch cabinet
  • 2x Celestion G12M-65 speakers for maximum depth and clarity
  • Nominal Impedance – 16ohms
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions: Length: 24", Width: 9.5", Height: 20.25"
  • Weight: 32lbs



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